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Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone again. Your own possibly even bigger blessings are on the way.

The things that really matter

Your path, your blessings are different from your friend or anyone you think is ahead of you.

Simple, but profoundly true.

So if you’re looking around at people who already found their path to the good life and asking

Why not me?

First of all, chances are they started preparing for success years before you did, and this is the resultant gap — as a consequence of compound interest.

Second and most importantly :

God has different paths, different blessings, different timing for everyone.

In my culture, Buganda, we have a saying that goes “Omukisa gwa muno, si gwe gugwo”; translating as ‘your colleague’s blessing is different from yours’.

Just like we have different fingerprints, we have different ‘life-prints’.

Even when you’re doing all you can to achieve your goal, it usually takes time. A LOT of time.

We all want success, and many of us are willing to do whatever it takes… Sometimes just copying and pasting other people’s formulae.

But what works for you may not work for me.

In the exact same situation, someone may thrive where another withered.

You could apply exactly the same effort, same techniques, same timing, over a lifetime — and still end up in different places.

We’re different.

Our true desires and purpose are different.

Not everyone is meant to be a Steve Jobs or Bill gates. Not everyone is meant to be Michael Jordan or Usain Bolt.

Just because it leads to success does not mean its your calling.

The value of knowing your purpose:

I believe everyone should take a moment and deeply reflect on their desires and purpose.

Are you doing what you love?

If money wasn’t a problem would you still be doing what you’re doing now?

There’s a full article on the subject by Hamza Khan. Read it. It will change the way you approach life.


But if you do know what you want, and feel deep in your heart its exactly where you want to be, then work on your craft, presentation and connections relentlessly.

Not only will it eventually bring you success, but also make you better as a person. Better habits, better focus, wider perspective as well as wisdom from the trials you went through.

And if you’re pushing hard, but the doors aren’t opening, or at least not as fast as you’d like…

You aren’t alone.

The internet is littered with the stories of our favorite stars and how they struggled to get to where they are.

Arnold Schwarzenegger struggled into his 40’s to kick off his Hollywood career, with agents telling him his body was too weird, accent too heavy, and his name too long and that he had ‘no chance’.

If it wasn’t for persistence, we’d never have seen the great Schwarzenegger.

Samuel L Jackson was a drug addict stuck in plays and small roles until he went into rehab and was given a chance by Spike Lee to star in the movie -Jungle Fever- that launched his career, age 40.

HipHop superstar J Cole went years without getting signed by a record label, despite his obvious talents. He even contrived his way into meeting Jay Z once, waiting outside his studio for 3 hours, and then had his mixtape CD thrown back at him.

I can imagine what that felt like. You’ve been practicing for years…. You know you’ve got what it takes, you’ve worked hard on your craft, then you get a chance to impress one of the big shots and he just cans you.

But did he give up? No.

He airs out his frustration AND determination to succeed on his next mixtape, “The Warm up”; where he showcases his skills and repeatedly affirms his belief that he will be the greatest.

Lo and behold, right as he finishes the last track on the mix-tape, guess who signs him? Yes, the same legend that rejected him earlier — Jay Z.

Funny huh?

J Cole in a studio session

Keep working hard and improving, the blessings will come

No matter what life throws at you, keep going, keep improving, keep developing useful connections. One day the doors will burst wide open and all your efforts will pay off.

But as you do that, don’t get so caught up chasing the future that you don’t have a life in the present.

Life, health, your family and friends, memories. There’s nothing more important.

Our callings, blessings, roads, trials, successes, and endings all vary for each individual.

It’s just something only God can decide.

And ultimately, life is about so much more than making money.

It’s okay to want more for yourself — but remember that so many things you already have, someone else is on their knees praying for. Maybe you yourself once prayed for them but now you’ve forgotten that because you want better.

Money, status, security are all well and good but they aren’t the most important things.

Try it yourself.

Imagine you were a billionaire, but only had 6 hours to live. What would you do in that time? Go close a few more deals and increase your bank balance? Or be with the people you love?

So live. Love. Be grateful for all the blessings you have and take nothing for granted.

. . . . .

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