As a Digital Marketing agency in Uganda, we offer the following services in order to grow your brand and increase your sales and market share: 


Our web designers develop and host all types of websites.

From fully functioning e-commerce sites where you can sell your products online, to the standard website for displaying your services and products.

Our websites are designed to be beautiful, efficient and high-performing. 

You can check out some of our projects below  

Search Engine Optimization

We carry out tests to analyse the performance, speed and google ranking of your website. 

From those tests we see where and how to improve your website to optimize its performance, speed and google ranking.

Search Engine Optimization is a long, continuous process with so many facets and requiring constant updates that it cannot be done once and completed.

We do, however, do the bulk of what needs to be done and then can either teach you to on what to keep doing, or get retained to do it for you on  a timely basis. 

Digital Marketing Campaigns

1. Social Media

We offer content creation, as well as planning and strategy based on your industry, services and products.

This is done on all the popular platforms; from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We analyse your existing digital marketing structures, the industry, competition and future trends and then come up with a way to move forward and elevate the brand.

We operate with three major goals:

2. Pay Per Click Advertising

We offer Pay Per Click advertising on social media, as well as other platforms like Google, YouTube, Email, Phone Apps and Websites.

People spend an average of 8 hours a day connected to the internet, and carry their phones wherever they go. This creates a great opportunity for you to showcase your products and services on their screens every single day, no matter where they are. 

This option even offers greater value for money, as you only pay if people see or click on your advert – unlike platforms like TV and Radio where you pay regardless of how many got your message.

It also provides great feedback in form of statistics on the

  1.  number of viewers
  2.  ratio of people who clicked
  3. successful conversions 
  4. information on viewers like gender, age, location . 

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We offer writing services for articles, product descriptions, events, newsletters, adverts, emails among others. 

We write for newspapers, companies and individuals. 

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