Why you need a website for your business

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Why you need a website for your business

Business these days is highly digital. Using the capabilities of the internet, we can communicate with other people across the world in real time without having to board a plane or boat; without having to drive to wherever they are.

 Resultantly, we can pitch our ideas, goods or services; negotiate, receive payment and ship orders to clients in the comfort of our offices or homes – conducting business deals in a matter of minutes. To do so however, you need a website.

Why exactly do you need a website for your business? Here are 6 reasons why:

Online office

Your website functions as an online office for your business, in a summarized, highly portable format. People from all over the world can visit your office just by typing your domain name in a browser. And you’re not even paying rent for it.

Credibility badge

These days, the first thing people ask for when you talk about your business is your website. If you’re a company trying to get investors or market, you will run into this request almost every time. And if you don’t have the website, chances are you won’t get the deal; because lack of one is perceived as a red flag – a lack of seriousness and capability.

Visible to anyone at any time

Your physical office is located on a particular road, in a particular town and closes at a particular time. On the other hand your website is available to anyone, anywhere and has no closing time. All those clients you were missing out on because they came after closing hours, can see your online office even at midnight.

No need for clients to move in person to see your goods and services

People love convenience. They want life to be made as easy for them as possible. The internet has made this a reality. Now no matter what we want, we just go online and look for it. If I have a wedding coming up and I’m looking for decorators, I won’t want to drive from Jinja all the way to Kampala just to see what’s in your store. I’ll check online for a store with what I want.

Allows you to sell products online

The biggest companies have already been doing this for a while. Look at Amazon. It makes sales worth billions of dollars every year to clients all over the world. Jumia right here in Uganda has taken over online shopping, closely followed by the likes of Jiji and Kikuubo. KFC, Javas, Food Hub all sell food online and provide delivery. Two sites we’ve built, Eliwares Ug and Misoshiru Family are selling online too. What are you waiting for?

Why you need a website for your business
Social Proof

People check you out before buying. They want to be sure the person or business they’re giving their money to is trustworthy and will deliver as expected. And this is where it pays to have a well-built website; the testimonials and customer reviews on it will speak for themselves.

Allows potential clients to reach out to you

When people visit your website and they like what they see, they have contact options on the website to be able to reach out to you. Your phone and email are listed on the website, as well as a direct contact form which allows them to leave you a message as well as their contact information.

Makes it easy to market your brand

The main result of all these advantages? It makes it easy for you, and others, to market your brand. No need for people to come to your office, or even speak to you directly. Wherever they are, whatever time, they can see your goods and services, contact you, place orders and even recommend you. If your website is well-built and your services are great, your brand will be marketed for you even as you sleep.

So, those are the reasons why your business needs a website; and what the website should be doing for you if it already exists. If you need help building one, improving the existing one – or getting more traffic to it – please reach out to us through the contact information here.

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