Dear Africa, Free Yourself, For Nobody Else Will

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We’re still slaves to the white man. The only way Africa will ever develop is if we free ourselves. We are not inferior to anyone. We are beautiful, intelligent, and capable of amazing things. And we don’t need anyone else to do them for us.

I saw an article this morning from a brother in Nigeria, who actually thought colonialism was a good thing and that the Europeans should have used military might to maintain their rule here so they could “develop” us.

I was angry and in disbelief. How could any child of Africa say something like that?

My anger then turned to sadness as I kept reading the reasoning behind his beliefs.

He posted an image of a Nigerian street during colonial times:

And compared it to one in this era:

He then went on to say how much more developed and richer we would be if the white man had stayed.

Would we be more organized? Certainly

But for what purpose?

Do we truly believe the white man came to Africa to develop us? Out of the goodness of his heart?

Have we forgotten that our ancestors were taken as slaves to work day and night on their plantations and help them grow rich?

Have we forgotten how they ferried resources like gold, diamond, silver, copper, coffee, cotton from all over the continent back to their home countries?

Isn’t that the reason they built those roads and railways in the first place?

Have we forgotten that in some countries they committed unspeakable atrocities against the natives to acquire land and mineral wealth? King Leopold of Belgium massacred Congolese people by the millions, in addition to policies like cutting off hands and burning entire villages. And you thought Hitler was the worst.

Let’s make it clear.

The colonialists were not our friends, were not allies, and didn’t even see us as equals.

All they saw were resources. Free labour, fertile farmland, and minerals.

Fast forward 150 years or so to today. Do they see us as equals? Or are we still resources?

They may no longer need slaves and servants, but they need the minerals. And guess what? Africa is till the most blessed continent on earth in terms of mineral wealth.  A literal goldmine

Africa free
The richest continent on the planet. Not even all the minerals are listed

Who would abandon that gold mine?

The deception of independence

We agitated for independence, for removal of the chains. After much resistance, they obliged and removed the physical chains. So we jubilated, and celebrate every year.

But they had replaced the physical chains with invisible, mental chains we could not see and therefore would not fight.

We still bow to their every command. They’re still the masters.

They control our finances, and they brainwashed us into thinking we’re inferior to them. Everything Western is good, everything African is bad, evil or of poor quality – including the intellect.

Do you believe your country shapes its own policies? Do you believe we can truly do as we please?

Not at all.

When they say jump, we ask how high. And even jump a little higher to please them.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time your country disobeyed a direct order from the US and its allies? Especially anything affecting the balance of the financial world?

First, they threaten you with sanctions to cripple your economy. Then if all else fails, they move to military options – both direct and indirect.

The demise of Gaddaffi, fighter for Africa’s economic freedom

The most recent example is Col Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. He refused to let them steal Libya’s oil for peanuts like they do with the rest of Africa. He developed Libya into a country with free education, free housing, a first-world standard of living, and ZERO DEBT. Let that sink in.

Then he started offering financial aid to the rest of the continent to free it from western debt.

And then he came up with a plan to create an African central currency, backed by gold, so Africa would be free of the dollar.

Africa free
They didn’t like that. They didn’t like it at all.

Remember Saddam Hussein? Most of us remember him as the Iraq president who was attacked by the US for having weapons of mass destruction. Did you know that he had tried to stop selling Iraq’s oil in dollars, which would’ve weakened the dollar and the US economy?

Then all of a sudden, he had weapons of mass destruction and needed to be taken out at all costs.

In case you’re wondering, no, those weapons were never found. But Saddam was gone. And the petro-dollar remained.

Back to our Ghaddafi. The US, France, and other allies stirred up a protest in the country, escalated it, and then decided to come in and ‘save’ the day. They attacked Libya, bombed it to the ground, and let the rebels take over.

Guess who got the oil?

The African Union watched as foreigners moved across oceans to ‘settle’ a domestic issue and take the oil of a sovereign country. Not even the countries Libya had helped moved a muscle to stop it. Ghaddafi’s own best buddy M7 said absolutely nothing.

Still think we’re independent? Still think we’re equals?  

Libya now has debt, their oil is now in foreign hands, and no other African leader is going to think of rebelling against the white man any time soon.

They will do anything to keep control over Africa

This is not even the first time they’ve gone to extremes to protect their interests in Africa.

Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso was assassinated because he was developing the country rapidly and trying to free them from the West. His replacement as president actually prevented an inquiry into his death!

Patrice Lumumba of the DRC was determined to achieve genuine independence and to have full control over Congo’s resources in order to utilize them to improve the living conditions of his people. This was perceived as a threat to western interests, specifically US and Belgium, and he was assassinated just 7 months after independence.

In all these cases, they choose a puppet to come to power. As long as he obeys instructions, he’ll stay in power and also have immense wealth. That’s the deal: sell your people and you get wealth and power.

Does any one ever ask why the DRC is never stable? Why it requires ‘interventions’ and ‘peacekeeping forces’ ?

Why West African countries are still economic slaves to France despite numerous attempts to get free?

Africa free

At the highest level, foreign governments definitely do not have our best interests at heart.

Ordinary white people might be okay, but their decision-makers are still looking for all the ways to keep exploiting the African continent.

China saw the light and joined the race too; investing everywhere on the continent. The next thing you’ll see is another Mozambique situation where the airport is taken over for failure to pay the debts.

Time to free ourselves

So my African brothers and sisters, free yourselves from mental slavery. Stop relying on the white man. Stop relying on your governments. They only act out of self-interest.

The only way Africa will ever develop is if we start believing in ourselves and breaking the mental chains.

We are not inferior to anyone. We are beautiful, intelligent, and capable of amazing things. And we don’t need anyone else to do them for us.

It begins with you. For your children will learn from you. And they will be the leaders of tomorrow.

If we teach ourselves, then our children, to be strong, confident, and independent of foreign influence, then the next generation of Africa could finally be free.

No more debt. No more waiting for the white man to develop new things so we can copy and paste. No more stealing wealth from future generations so we can satisfy our greed now. No more colonial-style education that creates job seekers instead of entrepreneurs who’ll develop the country and the economy. No more inferiority to anyone.

Choose to be free.

. . . . .

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